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Abuse of women is a universal problem. Women are being abused on Aruba
Newspapers, radio and television underscore this fact. We ourselves, might know a woman in our environment, who is abused on a regular basis. We dare say, and this has been confirmed by the police and the justice department, that abuse of women  happens very openly.
We do not want to acknowledges this problem, but it is a big problem on Aruba.

There are several forms in which women can be abused.
- Physical abuse
- Mental abuse
- Emotional abuse
- Sexual abuse
- Verbal abuse

Physical :  physical abuse is being physically attacked and beaten with or without a      
                 Example : hit with fist or open hand, slapped, pushed, shaken, cut/stabbed,
                 beaten with fist or object, bitten, burned, etc.                                                                          
Mental :    mental abuse is instilling fear. Being controlled by fears, locked into the        
                 house by partner,  being threatened.
      Example: being told you will be killed; threatening you with a gun, knife;
                 Showing the weapon that will be used .
                 Not allowed to communicate with friends and family
                 Isolating you from every one, colleagues, neighbors.

Emotional : belittling, put-down, criticizing, name calling, denial of needs and
communication for well being, denial of emotional fulfillment, children, love,          appreciation and acknowledgement.
Denial of the opportunity to feelings, share feelings, caring, etc.        

Sexual :    rape, also within a marriage, making the partner participate in unwanted sexual
                 activities, forceful sex to dominate a person.


Verbal :   namecalling, constant use of ugly, nasty, denigrating and insulting words to
               make the other person feel unworthy, dirty. Many women accept verbal abuse
               not being aware that this is another form of abuse. 

Abused women are afraid and fear for their lives.
Still most women never want to file an official complaint against the perpetrator because they are afraid of increased abuse.
The majority of people in the community silently look at abuse and domestic violence as something that is not their concern and in doing so do not take action to help stop the abuse. They consider it not their problem.


You don’t deserve to be beaten.
Not by your husband, your lover, or any one else.

You are not alone; call for help. You have the right to file criminal charge against the abuser. PLEASE DO SO!
Counseling: if you are being abused or suffer domestic violence: you need counseling.
Contact Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad to get help.
We offer women insight into her situation and gives her guidelines to be able to save herself.  Matters such as: personal responsibility, self esteem, formulating purposes and taking certain steps will be the main focus of the treatment.

The treatment consist  of individual sessions but also of group sessions.
The group sessions will be used as much as possible to exchange experience and insight.